L-Carnitine L-Tartarate
Both of these are amino acids that are not commonly present in the body in large amounts. The body has 20 major amino acids that are all present in the L confirmation. L-Carnitine is an uncommon amino acid that has to be taken from external sources since it is not readily present in the body.

This amino acid aids in fat burning by mobilizing the fats present in the body for energy. Along with that, it also reduces the recovery time after a long workout. If you normally take two days off after a HIIT workout session, with the use of this supplement, you will be able to reduce the recovery time to one day. This gives you more time to work out and have a lot more endurance.

L-Carnitine is also involved in increasing glycogen reserves in the muscles. When carbs are taken in, the body uses some of it to form glucose and the excess is stored in the body in form of glycogen. This can be broken down for use when body is in need of energy. By increasing the muscle reserves of glycogen, this supplement ensures that muscles have energy whenever it is required.

Plus, this supplement also prevents the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are the by-products produced as a result of different chemical processes taking place in the body and can significantly harm the body in the long run.

During exercise, muscle tissues are damaged due to wear and tear. L-Carnitine keeps the muscles protected from tissue damage so that there is lesser fatigue. In addition, the use of this supplement also reduces muscle soreness and keeps you energized for the next round of workouts.

Taking about 3 grams of this supplement everyday can give the person following a HIIT workout plenty of benefits.

Betaine is a modified form of the amino acid glycine, which occurs naturally in the body. It is also present in many foods including beet, shellfish and spinach. So while it is likely that you are taking some of this supplement in your diet chances are that it may not be enough.

Betaine can form creatine in the body by donating methyl group. And as mentioned above, creatine has plenty of benefits for anyone who works out. Betaine, on its own, also has significant effects on the wellness of skeletal muscles. It keeps lactate levels low and removes this acid and keeps the body energized.

An addition, it increases the rate of protein synthesis in muscle cells. As more proteins are made, more energy is provided to the muscles. Since proteins are involved in body’s natural repair mechanism, their ample amount is essential for reducing recovery time.

A study showed that betaine can also lower exhaustion levels. Most athletes and individuals who work out frequently drink water to stay hydrated and reduce exhaustion. When coupled with betaine, water can reduce exhaustion by a factor of 40 times more.

Citrulline is a supplement that plays a role in synthesizing nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is very important for regulating blood flow to muscles and other organs and can enhance blood flow to the muscles.

Blood contains oxygen and nutrients for the wellness and strength of the body. As more blood flows to muscles, more nutrients are present for the muscles to extract energy. Also, in presence of ample oxygen, the muscles can respire aerobically and have lesser production of lactic acid. This contributes to lessened fatigue and more energy.

Citrulline malate also contributes to fat loss. In normal HIIT sessions, the rate of fat loss is 1.2%. However, with usage of Citrulline malate, the fat loss percentage goes up to 2.3%.

Citrulline, when used as citrulline malate also acts as a buffer for ammonia. It counteracts the effects of lactic acid on the body by cancelling out the acidity and increasing the ph. Taking up to 6 grams of citrulline about an hour before exercise can keep the body energized.

All these supplements complement high intensity workouts and make their results much better. Taking controlled amounts of these supplements ensures utmost performance, shorter recovery times and higher energy levels.