No matter which workout you are following, most need to couple proper diet with supplements to get the maximum benefits. These supplements are needed for that extra boost of energy and for initiating the repair process in the body. Several supplements are especially suited for HIIT, as they work best for high intensity exercises.

Greens Supplement
Greens Supplement is a great method for increasing strength and power. It gives the user more strength, which is an important factor in high intensity workouts.

When your body undergoes intense workouts, it starts to accumulate acid. This can slow down performance and cause fatigue. During exercise, the body goes into anaerobic state. When the body respires in the absence or limited amount of oxygen, it produces lactic acid.

Due to the accumulation of acid, the pH begins to drop. This makes the working mechanisms in the muscles stop. As a result of all this, the person feels fatigued and does not have the strength require for the next workout session.

Green supplements have alkaline properties that cancel out the acidity in the muscles. So they can be beneficial in increasing the body’s power and in reducing fatigue for maximum performance.

Creatine Monohydrate
There has been extensive research on creatine. It has been used in many sports supplements since the first discovery of its benefits. Not only does this supplement increase the performance ability, it also increases the lean muscle mass in the body.
The body needs to maintain homeostasis, which is the state of the body in which every factor is well-regulated. Creatine acts as a pH buffer, keeping the pH of the body regulated at all times.

This ensures that the muscles are present in the right pH conditions for maximum overall performance. Plus, creatine lets you enjoy more reps without getting tired or stripped of energy.

Another reason why Creatine is suitable for HIIT training is due to its ability to ensure faster recovery. In HIIT training session, it is a must to include recovery periods. When a person recovers at a faster rate, they can perform better in the gym and reap the maximum benefits of their workouts.

Creatine is also involved in increasing the number of satellite cells that are present in the body. These cells help to increase muscle mass by linking amino acids together for formation of new proteins. More muscle mass is directly proportional to more workouts and better results.

It should not come as a surprise that caffeine is helpful in increasing alertness in the body. It is responsible for making you more focused and alert during workouts and enhancing performance. Excessive amounts of caffeine can be harmful so it is important to determine your tolerance and make your daily intake according to that.

It is recommended to take 300 grams maximum, of caffeine before an intense workout. This will give you a surge of energy and keep you focused on the workout.

Caffeine activates the sympathetic nervous system, which is activated when the body is in a state of alertness. In this system, the hormone epinephrine is secreted and induces the breakdown of glycogen present in the muscles. Along with that, it also oxidizes fatty acids in skeletal muscles. Both these processes result in energy production that is later utilized for high intensity workouts.

So, caffeine can increase endurance in the body and keep the body in a high-energy state at all times.